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Goats/mastitis in goat


QUESTION: we have an almost 8 year old alpine goat that has been quite sick last 2 months we have followed vet instructions to do the today infusions along with an antibiotic. she has not fully cleared up and continues to lose weight our regular vet is gone on vacation.  she started out with being anemic so we have given her iron and dewormed her along with b complex and copper very concerned about her...the mastitis has not ever gone away even with the infusions along with duramycin.. just not sure what else i can do for this poor girl we dont ever plan to breed her again do to her health issues so we wont be milking her again. i want to dry her off so im not sure if i should do the tomorrow treatment even with her having mastitis or continue milking and do tomorrow infusions new to this have never had mastitis in our herd..

ANSWER: Are you also using an injectable antibiotic? What dose of Today are you using? Is the doe on probiotics? Have you checked her temp?  Let me know and I will get back to you.

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QUESTION: we used duramycin injectable  7cc once per day.  We have not given her alot of probiotics but wil give her some this morning. We were using a whole tube of the today twice per day. her temp was 106 then went down to 102.9 after we did the antibiotics.  i will check it again this am

Thannks for the info. penicillin is the usual atibiotic of choice for mastitis. this is available over the counter at most feed/farm stores. 3 cc/100 pounds body weight twice a day,given intramuscularly.  This is for 7 days.  Usually 1/2 tube of Today in affected side of udder once a day for 3 days works very well.  When on antibiotics goats must also be on probiotics.  The 102.9 is still a fever/anything over 102.5, but glad the fever has come down.  Would also give aspirin, 325 mg human type at one tab per 75 pounds body weight every 4 hours to help get fever down and help with discomfort. This needs to be crushed and dissolved in a little hot water and then given orally.  Keeping her hydrated with electrolytes if she is not drinking on her own.  Also keep up with the vitamin B complex - we use human type giving 5 capsules or tabs twice a day - to help keep polio away.  Hope this helps - let me know.  Donna


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