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Goats/Worming issues or worse?


My question is "Can you give me some ideas"
Back ground:
We have a small herd of assorted dairy wethers (+/-5mos)
We put them out in a wooded area, kept an eye on them but not extra close; I should have been more diligent....Thus I am here really hoping you can help!
We brought them in 30 days to the day they were put out. By "in" I mean to the barn from the back 40. They were all anemic and very wormy. The Uber's being the worst. I wormed them with Quest Equine (Moxidectin) Saw rapid improvement in all goats using the FAMACHAŠ Eye Color Chart, except Uber's who had minimal to no improvement. Re-wormed 10 days later with the same Quest gel. Its now been an additional 10 days, (today) and I am scheduled to worm for the third time... goats have all returned to normal condition except the Uber's. They do have a better FAMACHAŠ Eye Color but the weight and condition has worsened.
They also have a cough with nose mucus/snot, and have the entire time.
They do have goat salt, vitamins and baking soda available at all times and are eating alfalfa hay. They do not have diarrhea.

I started yesterday giving them vit B shots am and pm
What else should I do? DO they need an antibiotic? DO you think this is still worms? I wonder about lung worm but I know they have been wormed... and the product worked very well on the other goats who have been exposed to the same parasites.
I look at these two and am stumped. They are kept in the barn where no one can see them now.... someone would accuse me of abuse with their condition though I have bee doing my best to improve them!

THANK YOU So Much in Advance!

Some questions for you first.  You are looking at the lower inner eyelids, correct? Famacha eye color chart is only for anemia which is only caused by the barber pole worm, not the other worms.  Quest equine is not the best for goat worming and it does not kill the barber pole worm.  The fact that you brought them in and they are on alfalfa, is probably the reason their lower inner eyelids looked better.  When you say "Ubers" I am assuming you mean Obers/Oberhasli?  What does their poop look like? What are their lumbar scores? Did the Obers come in with a cough and runny noses? or did they just get this after they started on the alfalfa? Are they now eating well? What does their hair coat look like?  

For worming, I use the following schedule/regimen - I use oral horse wormers - Zimectrin type - has Ivermectin in it, and Safeguard - has fenbendazole in it.  They are wormed every 2 months, using twice the goat's body weight to find the dose on the plunger - you start with one wormer, worm the goat once, then 2 months later worm with the other wormer, and continue this process.  The nice thing is that Zimectrin also kills external parasites and the Safeguard/fenbendazole kills the barber pole worm too.  

Let me know the answers to my questions and I will get back to you with a specific regimen to help them.  Thanks-Donna


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