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QUESTION: My goat was biting at her legs so we treated with permethrin 2 days ago...but she is worse. She has chewed the part right above back of hooves completely raw. Chunks of her hair with a layer of calused looking skin have been found all over the yard. Also when she gets up she pulls her hind legs in and makes a arching motion for a few seconds then walks around and browses. Should I wrap the raw parts of her legs? What else could this be?

ANSWER: Before you saw her biting her legs did you notice any other symptoms? Is she otherwise okay, eating and drinking okay?  Any other loss of hair?  Is she up on her selenium/E/D? How old is she? Any biting insects around your place?  Any wounds before she started biting?  Would clean off the affected areas with hydrogen peroxide, let dry, then put human antibiotic ointment on it and wrap lightly/not tightly with gauze and vet wrap.  Re do each day.  You can also give her children's Benadryl to help with discomfort/inflammation.  Would dust the rest of her with horse lice/mite dust.  Anything in her bedding that is different/change of bedding?  Let me know - Donna

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Legs keep getting worse
Legs keep getting wors  
QUESTION: We have only had her for a few weeks we rescued her from a ditch. She's eating good just new patches of fur are coming off and now her part above her hoof look like they are separated

ANSWER: Now I remember. She may have a polio which would need large doses of vitaming b1 or b complex.  Or this could be a selenium deficiency. She also could have an infection from the water she was in which would need antibiotics.

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QUESTION: I will get right on the b vitamin complex and look into selenium deficency thank u so much u have been so much help

You can use human vitamin B complex at 6 tablets twice a day for a 50 to 75 pound goat - these need to be crushed and then dissolved in a little hot water, cooled and given as an oral drench.  Re the selenium, you can use human selenium tablets - these come in 200 mcg dosing only - so for a 6 month old goat you would use five of the 200 mcg tablets; for a yearling and older use ten of the 200 mcg tablets - you crush these and dissolve in a little hot water and to that you add all the oil from an at least 1000 IU vitamin E capsule and at least 2000 IU vitamin D capsule oil, mix as well as you can, cool and give orally.  You give once and then re do in 2 days and re do in 10 days.  Have you started the goat on any antibiotics? - could not remember.  Thanks - let me know - Donna


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