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Boer leg
Boer leg  
Boer leg
Boer leg  
QUESTION: Here are some pictures of my goats overnight sores and missing hair. I need some ideas what's going on.

ANSWER: Is that the front leg? Is he in rut? It looks like urine scald from peeing on his legs, if it is a pic of front legs. My bucks usually look like that by late winter.

If not that, could he have mites? What is your weather?

For both problems, I use Vaseline petroleum jelly. If scald, it protects the skin. Wash it first. If it is mites, it smothers them and moistens the skin.

Let me know neither of these ring true or if you have other questions.

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Rear legs
Rear legs  

Chunk of hide lost today
Chunk of hide lost tod  
QUESTION: What do u think recent pics 9/8/16


This looks like it could be some kind of fungus. I would talk to a vet and having them take a look at it. The scabbiness is like nothing I have seen before, but I still can't see it very well. I think you need a skin scraping to see what it is. If you have a microscope you could start by looking at it with that. Another problem with a skin problem like this is that he can get a secondary bacterial infection from the opening. Good luck on this problem.Please let me know what you find out from a vet.


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