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- What is the best goat for children?

- The best goat for children is dairy or meat?

- The best goat for children is male or female?

- The best goat for children is large or small?

- The best goat for children is polled or horned?

- What is the dairy goat with most production of milk?

All of your questions depend on both the age of the children and the breed of goat and how it was raised.  If you are looking for a pet for a child, then a small breed goat without horns (either disbudded or polled) should work.  Preferably if a goat has been bottle raised since birth it will be much easier to handle/work with.  Re production of milk, if you are in the USA that would be the Saanen.  But, I do not know all of your milk/dairy breeds in Italy so am unable to answer that question for you.  


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