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Hello mam.i am really thankful to you as you help people in carefully tearing there goats.mam as we brought a six months old goat for rearing in ours house.she was at that time 6 months old and now she is already completed 1 years of age.her breed is probably surti indian.she does not drink water since we brought her she only drank the tap water 2 to 3 time hardly a cup of we stay in mumbai city.and she sometime as we visit ours native place with her she drinks a quite huge amount of the temperature in ours village is hot about the temperature is 35 to 40 degree Celsius. And at ours home in mumbai we have an ac and also she does eat a food such a cooked rice,daal etc. Which recently she does not like now she eats only corns green shell.toor and some other green leafy leaves.she sometimes urinate of color dark yellow or red and normally she does urine of light color even she does not eat water.her legs are too weak almost completely bend in between that she is completely unable to ran and even walk properly.there is also a considerable weight loss in her.some bet local vet doctors near us suggest some vitamins and calcium supplement to her but all in vain and one doctor also injected her with antibiotic injection after which she urinate a red color urine or of dark yellow color urine almost for a week.and after it it becomed light color and now is normal.also once to three times she had a trauma In ours house that when she was standing on a granite floor she literary fall down and got hurt to her legs.but was fine for 2 to 3 months after that but after it as she was unable to walk,and run we revisited the doctor he took her xrays and said due to some trauma she is unable to do so.and now no one can help her out except god.thus I beg you plzzzz help us out as she is ours family member now and we can't live without her.and also when she now a week ago she falled down a gained and got hurt in between her front two legs.on it doctor gave some ayurvedic spray but all in vain we also applied turmeric powder there but nothing heels her injury a sometime also blood loss happens from it when she falled she was got hurt from granite flooring corner.and her hooves also get long and long as we cut it down sometimes but they are so long that while she walks they get bend.and she can't walk with proper grips so plz give us some idea of how to cut those hooves and with what instruments if possible than with some pictures plzzzz help as soon as possible....

Does the goat eat any type of hay or roughage (weeds, grasses, etc.)? What is her body temperature? - would like a measurement if possible - take rectally.  What does her poop look like?  Is it pelleted or does it look like dog poop or other description?  What color are her lower inner eyelids? It sounds as if she has at least vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and may have anemia or possibly an infection.  Concerning the hooves, I will try to find a photo of this but if you are able to look on the internet there are many great diagrams of this.  But what you would need to do is trim down the hoof walls which go all around the hooves - you use a pair of regular scissors or for harder hoof walls may need to use a pair of straight small garden trimmers - you trim the walls across so that you finally get the hoof wall to be flat with the hoof pad (soft area of all the hooves).  Hope this explains it enough, let me know.  What vitamins and minerals could you get - specifically we are probably looking at needing selenium, vitamin E, vitamin D, vitamin B complex, and possibly calcium and iron.  Please let me know about the questions I have for you above so that I can further help to diagnose what could be the issues with this goat.  Thank you - Donna


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