I have a 3 year old Dwarf Nubian. She was bred in March. She started bleeding and acting like she was going to kid in July and then just stopped after a day. For the last week, she is looks my less pregnant and her udder is shrinking. When I felt her belly today it feels like there is a dead kid still in her. She is acting depressed but not like sides in pain. Will she naturally miscarry or do I need to get her to a vet ASAP?

Is she passing any discharge?  The symptoms all sound like she lost her kid(s) early on - this could be from being hit by another goat or could be from some bacterial infections.  The issue now is that she may have a uterine infection and that is why she is not acting well.  I would take a temp on her, anything over 102.5 would indicate an infection/fever.  I would start her on penicillin injectable right away.  Unfortunately she may not pass the kid by herself so you could either use a homeopathic remedy or other remedy or you could take her to the vet who would give her an injection that would cause her to pass the kid.  You can use black cohosh to start with; you can use pulsatilla, which is a homeopathic remedy.  Hope this helps - let me know - Donna


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