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Goats/baby nubian w/swollen ears


24 hour old male nubian (billy bred mom through a chain link fence we didn't expect babies for 6 weeks!) baby was in the snow for a few hours,before being found, mom had taken car, cleaned off and had nursed, but ears were VERY stiff, brought in warmed up, no temp eating well but ears fell like little balloons, don't seem to hurt when touched  any ideas? thank you for your help.

Icicle and frozen ears
Icicle and frozen ears  
HI Wendy

I am SO Sorry I didn't see this message until now

I have had this happen with 2 results  - one the ears were always  thick like that  almost looked like they were fluid filled but not -  this particular goat started off with  ears like balloons  and they just always stayed  through adulthood  they never were normal -  never seemed to cause any issue  or pain.

The other one who was born in frigid weather  whose ears actually froze and became thick..  ended up losing the tips  of her ears - they shriveled and  then  just sloughed off after a couple months.

As long as this baby has a good rectal temp  (101.5 to 103.5 ) and is eating well , just  watch the ears - no attempt ever of trying to rub or  heat frozen  tails, feet or ears - instead bring them into the house and allow them to  warm naturally - this  will cause the least amount of permanent damage (advised of this by my vet)

Attached is a couple photos -  one of Icicle  and her ears when they were  swollen but thawed out -  then what happened to them after 11 days - and one of  her as an adult with short  ears  

Other than this the bay is ok?

Again I am So sorry for this  being so late -  


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