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Golden Retrievers/15 Week Old Golden


Grace wrote at 2013-09-20 15:33:45
6 weeks was too early to leave his mum and litter they should never leave before 8 weeks or 9 weeks. leaving early can result in behaviour and emotional problems

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housebreaking, chewing, feeding Please do not send me questions on medical problems or AKC standards


Through my volunteer work with a large dog guide school, I know a little about all the breeds they use including Goldens. I have extensive experience with the closely related Labs. The service dog schools have acquired a wealth of knowledge about raising well behaved, healthy dogs with long, active lives. They do not share it with the general public, but pass on the best of it to those like me that raise puppies for them. I am part of a group that has raised dogs for 6 different service dog schools. We meet monthly for training and share information.

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