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djwgolf wrote at 2012-05-29 04:06:36
I have a set of tour model III's that were handed down from my grandpa. I am 15 years old, and even though it may not seem possible, I have had a lot of experience with iron sets. I have maintained my tour models for three years now and they (to me) are better than my dad's brand new callaway x20's. They are very solid clubs, and since I have started using them, my scores have dropped from mid 40's to mid 30's (I previously used lynx black cats). That's nearly 10 strokes. The amount of control in these irons is very high and as mentioned above, they are very forgiving. My favorite clubs are the 2 and 8 irons. The 2 iron is an absolute laser beam, and very easy to put a nice draw or fade on. (remember I am 15) I can hit the 2 iron around 210-220 yards (40 more yards than my old clubs). The 8 iron is one of the most versatile clubs in the set. I can get 150-160 yards (20 yards longer than before) out of it. Not to mention the heavy weighted and flat bounce makes for an excellent chipping club. In total, the extremely deep U-grooves makes it very easy to spin and stick on the green. I have gone from hacker to golf team captain with a mere change of clubs. The only two complaints I have are that 1. you need to regrip the original grips and 2. the grooves require frequent cleaning because they are so deep. As you can see, two very minor complaints. I highly recommend picking up a set of these clubs if you can find them.

MikeyK323 wrote at 2013-06-15 03:59:24
The tour model III series was made in the late 80s to early 90s.  Very solid and well built clubs.  They were based off the ping zing design.  I still rank them as one of the best sets of irons I ever owned.  I bought a set from 1 iron through SW in 1990.  Got rid of them in 2012.  They were so old I had no fear of leaving them near the club house when golfing, unfortunately on one occasion someone stole my 9 iron and PW from my bag.  I liked them for the deep U-grooves for high spin control and they had a rigid steel shaft for great control and forgiveness on shots.  The rigid steel shaft had two downfalls; 1) less distance on shots (some guys would hit their 9 iron 150 yds, where I'd be using my 7 iron), 2) a much reduced ability to put draw or fade on my iron shots.  But they were very consistently 10 yds in distance apart from iron to iron and fly straight as an arrow.  Wish I hadn't sold them and instead looked for another 9 & PW online!


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