Dear Mr. Kilthau,

Im someone who likes my irons much better than my woods.  I dont have any fairway woods in my bag because Im not consistent with them.  Now I hit my 5 iron 170 yards consistently and fairly straight (a little fade)  I hit my 4 iron 180 yards BUT not as consistent as my 5 iron.  Id like to get a custom made club which uses a 5 iron head attached to a 3 iron other words a longer shaft than what would normally be used for a 5 iron.  Have you ever heard of such a thing and do you think it would work to get me more distance.

Thank you.

Hi Germain:

Have you hit hybrids before.  That is what a hybrid is.  They have loft of an iron and a longer shaft.  It sounds like you are seeking something to hit from 185 - 210 yards, give or take.  If that is true, then you would need a 19 degree or a 23 degree hybrid.  Please go check them out and give them a try.  They are very easy to hit and you will get what you desire with them. I would not try to put a longer shaft into a 5 iron head, because you would have weighting issues and shaft flex issues.  Go get a hybrid, they are made for exactly what your question is.  By the way, get a top of the line hybrid....not a knock off.  

Eddie Kilthau
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