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QUESTION: I use a beginner set of clubs and am looking to upgrade a little bit. I would like to know what you think i should do. When i play, i can not hit my driver very well, so i use my 3 wood to drive and can hit pretty well. So what i want to know is, should i spend the money to get an expensive driver hoping that maybe with a better driver i will be able to hit with it. Or just i just upgrade to a better 3 wood that i know i can hit good and just hope that this will increase my distance and accuracy?

ANSWER: Sorry for the long delay. I had thought that I was on vacation leave.

Expensive drivers are not necessarily better. I would suggest going to a demo day at a club near where you live. All of the manufacturers will be there and you can try different drivers to see which one suits you the best.

It's always a good idea to have a PGA professionl watch you swing. They have a wealth of knowledge.

Let me know how you progress.


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QUESTION: Thanks Michael, I appreciate the help, 1 more thing, I was wondering if you have any quick tips or suggestions to help me with my driving? I am very inconsistent with my driver, 1 swing I may pop the ball up really high and go 60 yards, then the next swing it gets 5 feet off the ground and like 30 yards.

A couple of tips to become a better driver of the ball.

1) Play the ball off of your front heel.

2) Be sure to hit the ball as the club is ascending or moving upward.

Try drivers that have a higher loft, say 10.5 degrees or more.

Get with a PGA professional to help you with your game.

Sorry for the delay, just got back from a week in Hawaii.  


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