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Hello Ken,

I`m 54 years old, average build and a 17 handicap.  My swing speed for my driver is 88-95 m.p.h. and I use a regular flex shaft.  Most of my shots (irons and driver) always produce a fade...usually just a slight fade with all of my irons ( 7 iron) and a fade with my driver.  I don`t mind fades on my irons...especially into the greens but it`s my drives that I`d like to hit straighter).  I`ve tried many things to correct it i.e slightly closed stance, stronger grip to have the club a little more closed at impact, but I still fade the ball.  Should I try an off-set driver.  If not, what would you suggest.  Thank you so much.


Hi Germain,

You're still a very young man (I'm 52). My advice would be to change your swing; not buy new equipment. I'd suggest you get some lessons from a local professional.

It's likely that you have an outside-to-inside swing path which typically leads to a fade or slice, especially with the less lofted clubs.

Take a look at my series of golf swing lessons. In particular, look at this page on the swing plane and compare to yourself:

You'll find if you get your swing on plane, you'll hit the ball straighter .... and ... farther (because you'll generate more club speed).

Hope this helps.


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