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Dear Dathaeus,

I`m 54 years old, average build and a 17 handicap.  My swing speed for my driver is 88-95 m.p.h. and I use a regular flex shaft.  Most of my shots (irons and driver) always produce a fade...usually just a slight fade with all of my irons (P.W. to 7 iron) and a fade with my driver.  I don`t mind fades on my irons...especially into the greens but it`s my drives that I`d like to hit straighter).  I`ve tried many things to correct it i.e slightly closed stance, stronger grip to have the club a little more closed at impact, but I still fade the ball.  Should I try an off-set driver.  If not, what would you suggest.  

Thank you so much.


Hi and thank you for asking.

You have asked one of the most common questions in golf, LOL... how to stop the slice etc... fade is just a version of the slice but all the components are the same.

First, when people tell me they have "tried stuff" and it is not getting fixed, first thought to me is, have you seen your boy action right before/after and at impact in frame by frame or slo-mo video?  What really helps are the cameras that do 60fps so you can see whats going on.

Here are some tips that may help you in my web site

Basically, you dont want to "not slice/fade" but your goals should be to try to hook the ball repeatedly, thats how learning should be done.  Only then will you understand and it will be obvious what you have and have NOT been doing.

So to hook a ball, I'll give you a quick list (some are more important than others of course)

- Strong grip
- Rotate forearms before and through impact
- Quieter lower body/keep it quieter for longer
- Keep shoulders closed longer/dont open too early
- Hit inside the all first
- Keep club head low throughout impact and follow through
- Right shoulder (righty) should come up and around aggressively at finish if done properly
- Keep right elbow tucked closed to right rib cage

That should help get you started.
Hope this helps.
- Jay


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