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Dear Mr. Tanner,

Im 54, 58, average build and a 16 handicap with a swing speed (with my driver), of 94-97 m.p.h.  I have a fairly good swing, carry the ball about 200-210 yards but I lack the height off the tee with my drives.  I'm sure that with more hang time I would get more distance.  My launch angle is low compared to everyone else but everyone tells me I have a nice swing and my ball usually always go straight.  Can you suggest anything that might help me with this.  My clubface is not closed at impact...I'm just not sure why I don't get much height.  

Thank you for your time.


Hi Germain,

Firstly, launch angle is very difficult to judge, compared to the maximum height reached. The result of a low launch angle is low maximum height. So, from what you've said, I'll assume that when you compare yourself to others, your maximum height is significantly lower. So, given a trees long the fairway, your partner's balls have peak height at the top of the trees, while your peak height is 3/4 or less.

Your low launch angle is likely due to:

1. the loft of your driver is low, possible not as marked (8 degrees while marked 10 degrees) You could take your driver into a golf shop/facility that has a loft measuring device (difficult to measure on your own with a protractor).
If this the problem, then get a drive with more loft, or, hit your 3 wood off the tee.

2. your club's angle of attack is quite negative. This delofts the club and drives the ball lower.
If this is the problem, it requires some major swing changes. You could try playing the ball farther forward in your stance, however.

Take a look at this article I recently completed for more detail:



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