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Dear Mr. Kilthau,

Im 54, 58, average build and a 16 handicap with a swing speed (with my driver), of 94-97 m.p.h.  I have a fairly good swing, carry the ball about 200-210 yards but I lack the height off the tee with my drives (same thing with my irons).  I've always had a low launch angle...lower than anyone else I've ever played with.  I'm sure that with more hang time I would get more distance.  Everyone tells me I have a nice swing and my ball usually always goes straight.  Can you suggest anything that might help me with this.  My clubface is not closed at impact...I'm just not sure why I don't get much height.

Thank you for your time.


Germain:  First suggestion, get all your equipment checked by someone who knows what they are doing.  In today's world of technology, there is no reason to hit it that low with every club.  I would suggest a higher lofted driver too, at least a 10.5 degree loft.  But get a professional club fitter's opinion.  They can fix lots of issues with a few changes.  

A low launch angle indicates decreasing loft.  So why would you be decreasing loft...and hitting it straight?  I usually see golfers with this issue having too much weight on their left side throughout the entire swing.  They never really get behind the ball in the backswing, then as they swing down, they tend to slide past impact, which in essence delofts the clubface.  94-97 mph is enough speed to get it airborne, so that is not it.  

Also, at address, check to make sure your spine is tilted slightly away from the target.  Since your right hand is lower on the club at address, your right shoulder should be lower than your left at address.  That would place your spine tilting slightly away from the target at address.  This alone might increase loft at impact...being a little more behind it at impact.  

But get those clubs checked for the proper lie and loft and then to also see if clubfitting could increase your height.  But remember, see someone who knows what they are doing.  Ask around at different golf shops if you don't know anyone.  A good club fitter can be worth their weight in gold, take the time to do that Germain, we are both at that age now where it just might help.  Good luck.

Eddie Kilthau
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