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Im 54, 58, average build and a 16 handicap with a swing speed (with my driver),  of 94-97 m.p.h.  I have a fairly good swing but I lack the height off the tee with my drives.  I carry about 200-210 yards but I know for sure that I could get more distance if I had better hang time.  My drives are mostly always straight BUT 100% of the time too low (my iron shots as well are usually lower than most players although my shots are quite straight.  I have taken lessons throughout  the years and have tried SO many different things but my flight path is always low.   Heres what Id like to know.  I will be going to get myself fitted with a driver that will give me more loft.  Concerning the shaft, is it a low bend point that will give me a higher launch angle or a high bend point.

What else should I ask for in a driver.

Thank you for your time.

Hello and thank you for asking.  As my profile states, equipment is not my specialty and hopefully someone else here can give you more technical details.

However, a shaft with a higher kick or flex point will USUALLY give someone with your swing speed more loft and distance with the proper flex shaft, probably regular or senior because you are not that tall.  (Shorter shafts require more flex, just physics)

Otherwise, for the drive, I would say make sure you tee up the ball higher if not already.  Usually I advise people to tee it up so that the top of the clubhead at rest on the ground should cute the equator of the teed up ball in half.  In your case, tee the ball up another half inch higher than that, and make SURE you are contacting it on the upswing.  If not, you will pop it up.

As for the irons, the only way to help with equipment there is to get iron heads that have lower center of gravity.  Also if you are a pretty strong guy, you can also add some lead tape as low as you can on the iron head that will lower its center of gravity, i.e., raise your ball flight.

Of course all this is provided that you are not thinning the ball and are making solid contact consistently.

Hope this helps.



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