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I am 55, have been playing a few times a year since I was 40. I am frustrated by my lack of improvement, even after lessons, new clubs, shoes, etc. I see other people, like my wife, take up the game and after a couple of seasons are beating me!
A friend recently suggested that I should be shooting right rather then left. He was told by a pro that here in Canada there are a lot of lefties who are not left handed, but they took up a hockey stick at a young age and found shooting left was better, and transferred this to golf. He switched to right clubs and his game improved.
I am a bit past hockey, but want to play more golf when I retire. Should I consider going right too? I thought I would start by getting  a couple cheap right clubs at a thrift store, and hit the indoor golf range. What do you think? Thanks!

Hey Barry:

I think it's a great idea.  Why not try to see how you "see" things, how it feels, and if it might make sense to do it.  I like your plan of a few clubs at a store and a few sessions at the indoor range.  Give it a go.  Then, in order to improve to beat your wife, you'll need to play more than a few times per year.  You'll need to play a few times per month AND get lessons AND practice.  Are you still working for a living or are you retired?  Either way, it must become a scheduled event in your life in order for you to stick to it and get better.  The key is not how much, but rather being consistent.  If you say you can practice once per week and play once per month because that is all the time you have .... great!  But will you do it.  It's easy to blow off an hour a week for something more important (or at least we think is more important).  Scheudule your practice time, your lesson time and your playing time and watch how much better you become.  Good luck Barry!  It will be good to beat your wife again!!

Eddie Kilthau
PGA Professional


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