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I am 55, have been playing a few times a year since I was 40. I am frustrated by my lack of improvement, even after lessons, new clubs, shoes, etc.
A friend recently suggested that I should be shooting right rather then left. He was told by a pro that here in Canada there are a lot of lefties who are not left handed, but they took up a hockey stick at a young age and found shooting left was better, and transferred this to golf. He switched to right clubs and his game improved.
I am a bit past hockey, but want to play more golf when I retire. Should I consider going right too? I thought I would start by getting  a couple cheap right clubs at a thrift store, and hit the indoor golf range. What do you think? Thanks!

Hello Bud: I believe your friend could be on to something.  Probably the most notable example of what you're contemplating is Phil Mickelson who is right handed but plays left. I would advise trusting your instincts, hit quite a few range balls and see which way feels the best.  You need to hit more than just a few range balls because from a left-handed perspective it may take a little while to get used to looking down range over your right shoulder and finding the proper alignment.

No matter which way you end up playing, it's critical to be in a proper set-up position.  Whichever way you go, the best advice I can give you is to copy the people who are making millions playing this game.  Check out

A benefit to what you are undertaking is you'll almost never be in a position that prevents you from making a swing.

Good luck Bud.  I'd be interested in knowing how you make out.  Keep in touch please.

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