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Golf/oversize grip?


I am 55. I have back issues, and small, weak hands compounded by a touch of arthritis. However, I can usually keep up with the rest of the gang.
My biggest issue is getting off a good solid drive. Not so much distance, but accuracy. I think my unsteady back and hands, especially after the first few holes, keep me from hitting straight tee shots, and thats where I fall behind. I read that an oversized grip could help, so I bought this:

Do you think it will help, and is it hard to remove the old grip and replace it with this?

Hello Bud: The large grip will definitely be easier on your hands.  However, larger grips usually inhibit wrist action a bit so you may lose a some distance. To install a grip, the old one must be removed along with any adhesive materials left on the shaft.  Two-way tape is installed on the shaft, mineral spirits swished inside the grip and on the two-way tape then the grip is pushed onto the shaft and aligned with the club face.  For the cost of the tape and mineral spirits you could take the club and grip to your local pro who should install it for you for a couple dollars.  If you decide to do it yourself, this will give you an idea of the process.  You don't however, need all the tools and equipment shown to do the job.  (

As for your accuracy, that is most likely a result of your posture at address.  The straighter you stand, the greater the tendency to hit shots off line.  Standing upright causes your shoulders to turn around as opposed to down and under.  Your arms need to swing up and down to hit the ball off the ground.  They are in conflict with the shoulders that are turning around.  If your back will allow a better golfing posture, you would see your tee shots straighten out.  You might gain some distance as your shoulders and arms would be working together.  See if your back will let you make the change as explained here (

As for your back, you might find some relief with what's described here (  It has sure kept me playing through my back pain.

Good luck Bud!

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