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Golf/Difference in baffler 4 hybreds


The Cobra Baffler DWS 4 hybrid is 26 degrees. The Cobra Baffler Rail H 4 hybrid is 22 degrees loft. Both have senior shafts. Why the difference in degrees when both are 4 hybrids; and which will hit the longer distance and would it be a one club difference? I'm confused. I have the Baffler DWS 4; and looking for a one club longer club. I see the Baffler "Rail H" 4h on ebay  and wondering if the 4 degree difference in what I'm looking for. Or do both 4 hybrids hit the same distance????  
Thank you for your time

Hi Jerry,

There is no one standard for what manufacturers label different loft clubs.
The difference in distance is much more greatly effected by loft than by the length of the club. The 4 degree lower loft would have a greater carry distance.

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