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I have trouble with iron shots and ball flight going to right every shot whether it was struck on the sweet spot or not.  I am striking the ball seeming well as my divot is after the ball.  I feel like I have my hands in front of the ball before the swing.  The ball flight is not spinning/ slicing right, it just goes right.  Any suggestions?  Thank you.


Simple, your coming into the ball too much from the inside.  If you are hitting the shot pretty solid, not spinning it (square face) and divot is in front, then the path of the club must be moving into the ball from inside to out.  So picture a clock with 12 o'clock being your target.  I bet you are swinging your club (into the ball) from 8 o'clock toward 2 o'clock.  That is what's called an in to out swing path.  If the face is square to that path, you will just hit balls straight right without much curve.  Instead, you need to swing your club more toward the target (which is 12 o'clock) on the forward swing.  I would have you make some swings and feel as though you are swinging toward 11 o'clock.  This is the opposite of what you do.  In order to swing (on the forward swing past the ball) toward 11 o'clock, you CANNOT do that from 7 or 8 o'clock.  You'll feel the club is moving more from 6 o'clock toward 11 o'clock.  With a little practice, I bet those shots straighten right out.  

Eddie Kilthau
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