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I am Division I NAIA college golfer. My coach has been telling me that I need to shorten my backswing and that if I did so my scores would be record setting. I have been trying to shorten my swing, but it feels so uncomfortable. Do you have any suggestions on how to get comfortable with a shorter backswing?

ANSWER: Smith, this is something i had a problem with myself, i cant give you the clear cut answer with actually seing your swing but i can give you a couple of ideas that may help. Practice with your wedge.  Take a one quarter swing and try and accelerate to hit it further than you normally would hit it and then try this at half swing.  Do this for a month or so or until you can hit the ball the same distance every time.  That is one way that may help.  Otherwise i would need to actually see your backswing and setup.  Setup may need some changing or you may need a swing thought change or both.  Hopefully this will help. Good luck and trust yourself no matter how you swing. Jay

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QUESTION: Thanks I'll definitely take that to the range with me this afternoon. One more thing, I played a round yesterday with the intention to force myself to shorten my backswing. This caused me to start pulling a lot more my shots. I feel as if my swing is getting out of sync are there any drills that could help me with this?

Oh yes this is the problem you will have when doing this.  The reason you are pulling your shots is because you are hitting from the top.  To cure this it will be easy if you trust yourself.  All you have to do is make your transition the slowest point in your swing.  Swing back and let it go (i dont mean let it rip) try and let your wrists cock naturally and fully.  It will feel like forever. You cant give it too much time.  Patience is key to golf.  Be calm and never rush your swing if you do this then it wont matter if you have a long backswing or a short one just pick what you are most comfortable with.  Normally if your an easy going person and calm and patient then a long slow swing works best and if your the opposite choose the shorter backswing but either way you must be slow at the top in feeling. Clear your mind and be free of thought.  Make sure you grip the club very lightly at all times and swing freely.  Do these things and you will swing your best ever.  Jay


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