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"I'm rather new to golf. I want to play golf with my wife but I heard from a sporting goods store that I have to buy a separate set of clubs for her. Is it true that there is a different size set of clubs for women, and that women cannot play the game using men's golf clubs?"

Hello david:
Thanks for asking this question.

It is true that there is a different set/size for women. The club (driver or iron) is normally lighter and the grip is a little thin than men's club.  However, if woman is strong enough to hold and hit the ball, she can use men's club, yet, it would be a little heavier and longer.  

In nutshell, you don't HAVE to buy a women's club, but you need to take two sets into golf course, one for you and the other for your wife. As for a beginning play, you can divide one set into two mini-sets, and put them into two golf bags.  This is minimum requirement in the course to play.  
Hope this helps you to enjoy the game of golf with your wife.  Golf is a great game.



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