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This is probably a stupid question, but when you set up on an iron and "forward press" does the club head open (as in a clockwise motion) or does it close (the top of the club moving toward the target)

Hello Kyle:
Thanks for asking this question.
Your question is very valid and very fundamental and critical.

For Iron shot-making, we want to hit the ball with a bit of down-blow swing.  Because of this action, the loft will be lower, but the degree of iron club will take care of the length and height of ball striking.  

With forward press that you are mentioning here, the club still has to be very square to the ball.  In other word, the sole of club (i.e. bottom line of club) should be 90 degree square to the ball. Now, we want to see the ball fly straight, and this will really depend upon the swing plane and swing path.

I want to say that we want to promote the lateral swing path along the single swing plane, lateral as much as possible, not the abruptly rotational swing.  In theory, if you hit the ball very square to the club and like two railroad tracks run, the ball should fly very straight. The height of ball just depends on what kind of club you use, 5-iron or 9-iron. But, we can not do this because of body structure, but we need to be as close to that as possible.

Please see the picture of club sole:

I wrote down some tips what I learned, and please see and I hope it helps you.

Thanks, and I hope this little thing can completely turn around your golf game this Summer!!  


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