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Rob - I am excited about your helping me to select the right driver shaft; here is some basic information to get started:

Golfer Profile:

Swing Speed, Driver: 95
Ave Carry: 240 yards, Total Distance: 247
Shape: straight or a slight draw
Trajectory: mid to low-mid
Handicap: 10.25
Ball:     Callaway, Chrome Soft
Driver:   Current: SLDR-S,Speeder 57 (Reg), new Taylormade R15 (460 cc)
Age:      senior, with good flexibility

Type of Swing: moderate tempo, w/mid to slightly heavy load. Iron distance very good, especially compared to my driver distance.

Shaft Profile:

Current iron shaft is a Recoil, F3, Reg flex in the irons, except Distance: XR Pro 6 iron average carry distance 170 yards.

New Driver:
I will be purchasing a Taylormade R15 Black (460cc) and dont want to select the wrong shaft.

I changed from stiff flex to reg. shafts 12 months ago at the recommendation of a big-box store sales person.  I found no difference in performance. On the other hand, I don't feel as confident with the regular; don't feel much control of the club I can fire the guns at impact with the regular shaft, that I have to wait for the club head. Current driver: SLDR-S, Speeder 57,Reg flex.

My Goal:   

To increase launch angle, lower the spin rate(now 3500?) to gain distance without hitting harder. I hit down with the driver 1-2 deg, so the shaft selection and the setup /swing changes I am working on all should work together.

I need help selecting a shaft. With my stats, maybe shaft flex makes no difference.

Here are the shafts that I am considering in a stiff flex. Ideally one of these plays less stiff, which makes my decision easier.

Shaft Choices

-Rogue Silver 70 by Aldila
-Fujikura Speeder 661

I look forward to reading your response.
Keep 'em in the fairway!

Hello Fred;

Good Job on getting the information in a working order.
With all this information, why would you not go to your local PGA Professional?

It seems that you have narrowed it down to two shafts.  I would say that you would do yourself well to go with your gut on this. Though I will ask a few questions for you to ponder.

1. Are you sure it is the shaft that is creating any issues vs the head?
2. Why the change?
3. Why the R15 vs the M1 or M2?  They are the newest in the Taylor Made Line!
4. What does your current instructor suggest?  He/she is the best one for this advice as they know and can see your swing!
5. Have you looked at Graphite Design Shafts yet?  (Tour Players go after this shaft)
6. My concern is in your statement of ... "I hit down with the driver 1-2 deg"  Why would you want to hit down with any driver?  You should be wanting to catch the ball on the way out and up vs down and in! Downward angles especially with a driver where the desired effect is increased launch angle and spin reduction would require you to do the opposite of hitting down. Think of airplanes taking off and landing.  How often do you see a plane take off or land on a steep descending angle?  Flattening and widening your arc through the impact zone would be a better choice.  Note that I said swing arc not swing plane.
7. Do you realize that without my really seeing your swing live and in person it is near impossible to correctly select a shaft as more real time data is needed to be effective.
8. I am also fairly sure by the information you have given me, that you already also know that Increasing your loft angle is automatically going to increase spin.

My gut suggestion is to ...
1. Use old head and re-shaft with new shaft.  It will give you a broader range to consider AND SAVE YOU $$$!!!
2. Choose a shaft with the lowest torque rating possible.
3. Choose a lower flex point to get ball up.  Note; I did say          

I am an advocate to any and all clients to be aware of and to steer away from the hype for a new driver or any set of clubs.  Stop the madness there, most of what you already do to get the numbers you get has less to do with equipment and more to do with the actual swing.  Again I say contact your local PGA/LPGA Professional.

Another choice you have is to contact the Local PGA of America Section Office and ask who and where located is their Current 2015-2016 Clubfitter of the year.  Then make the drive to go see that person.

I know it may seems as if I am being a little vague, this is only because I cannot see the flight of the ball when you swing the club.  This is a real critical factor in fitting anyone correctly.  Most PGA professionals will ell you the same thing.

I hope I have given you more detailed advice then most.  Remember to ask questions.  My favorite one is  ... "What makes what do what"

Again, go see your local PGA Professional.  Without having certain needed data, I would prefer to NOT make any suggestion at this time.  Though I am leaning towards the Fuji, again, I suggest also taking a deeper look at Graphite Design Shafts.  If you are truly getting the numbers above you say you are, why fix something that might not need fixing. If isn't broke, why fix it?

Good Luck

Happy Golfing and have a great day.

Robb Nunn
PGA Professional
Golf Equation Swing Academy  


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