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Hi my name is Dennis and I like to play golf and in school we are doing genus hour for english and i was wandering how have the golfballs change over time?

Hello Dennis,   This is a complex question to answer.  The golf ball as it was in the early stages was whatever people could find.  It then really started with the feathery which was fabric stuffed full of feathers which was very expensive.  The next big thing was a gutta percha which was still expensive and time consuming.  Each ball came with it extra distance and accuracy.  With the gutta percha drives were going around 150 yds compared with the three hundred yards today.   The golf ball is the single biggest change in golf through the years.  The golf ball size has changed also now its one standard size though it can be a little bigger but not smaller.  New compounds and various cores have pretty much made golf courses defenseless to todays golfers.  They fly higher, straighter,  and spin more.  Golf has been forever changed because of it.  I have been playing with the old hickory shaft golf clubs and have hit a gutta percha with them and it it a big difference.  I hope this helps you.


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