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Dear Mr. Tannar,

I recently went to get fitted for a custom driver to specifically find something that might help me to fix the push-fade that I have when I hit a driver.  The expert there told me that no matter what he does it would not really get to the bottom of the problem (it's not the club but my swing).

I understand this and I'm 57 years old so I don't want to start swing is my swing.  I'm wondering though if you might have any tips on what I can do to try and keep the ball from fading.

I'm slim, 5'8"..swing speed of 90mph.  The expert told me that it seems to him like I start to move my hips forward even before I get to the top of my backswing and so my hands can't catch up quick enough on the downswing and so when the club face hits the ball, it's always open.  I've worked on limiting my hip action but I still very often fade the ball.

Would you have any suggestions...should I widen my stance at address to keep my hips from moving too much.   Also, what type of driver shaft should be using....a regular or stiff shaft?  

Thank you.

Hi Germain,

Firstly, given your swing speed, you could probably get more distance with more loft, such as a 2 wood or 3 wood instead of a standard 10 deg driver. More loft will reduce your fade.
Secondly, if your fade is consistent, you're blessed as you can count on it and aim a little left. You'll be on the short grass more often which will save you strokes.
Thirdly, without seeing your swing, it's hard to assess. What you could try is a slightly stronger grip (if a right swinger, rotate left hand a little ccw so you can see more knuckles). And, perhaps you're laterally moving your hips towards the target instead of just rotating them. Take a look in a mirror as you swing. You want to minimize and lateral motion, keeping the body more behind the ball.

Ken Tannar


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