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Golf/hand height during back swing


When I see good players on t.v. or the internet, they raise their hands way high at the top of their take away back swing, to their forehead level or higher.  I am not flexible, and when I look in the mirror, I notice I am only raising my hands to my chin level at the height of the back swing. Is there a recommended height for the hand position, and is there a good way I can improve this aspect of the back swing?  I try to turn my shoulder 90 degrees and keep my hips from turning no more than 45 degrees, but this also feels tight and uncomfortable.

Hey Glen and thanks for asking.

It is sometimes a dangerous thing to compare yourselves with tour pros.  Yes they put themselves in many "good" positions to make the best golf swings in the world.  However that is for THEIR body and THEIR game and THEIR lifestyle.  In order for you to copy everything without the full understanding of psychology, physiology and time, it would be a true waste of your time without guidance.

Hand height on the backswing is purely dependent on your flexibility/body type.  I think you might have been watching a little too much Dustin who has one of the highest and longest backswings out there.  He is also a physical freak.

Much more important is the plane on the back and forward swing.  your hand and wrists should go back and much as possible while staying mostly on plane and not hurting yourself, that is the simplest answer I can give you here.  Keep in mind, if you pop up, straight your back, twist your stomach too much back on the backswing, you are going off plane, that should NOT be confused with a "longer backswing."  The backswing consists of 90% shoulder turn and wrist cock, and about 10% stomach and lower body turn.  There are many nuances to this as well, which cannot be explained in this way in words only unfortunately.  Well it can but it would take about 20,000 words to be thorough.

Hope this helps!


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