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Hi Steve.
I switched to Chrome a couple of months back but have switched back to Firefox because of the speed. Chrome seems to take too long to load and there seem to be many extensions or addons that popup and I fell it's out of control. I dig around for information a lot but I'm not doing social networking, games or shady stuff. What is a good setup to speed things up?
Also, when I fire up any browser, loading is delayed whil an endless stream of "Transferring data from....." notifications are listed in the lower left. Is this my personal info getting streamed? I don't give a hoot about their stats! How can I stop this?

You will want to disable or delete any extensions you have on Chrome. Go to Setting on the top right - go to extensions - then disable or delete any extensions you see in the list.
For the browser loading I would check your program list. Uninstall any software that does not look familiar you to you. Some malware will slow your browser down because it is running in the background.
I use a program called ccleaner to keep my browser and computer clean. Free program you can use. Run this weekly to keep your system clean.

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