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Google Chrome/Facebook login on Chrome - deleting unnecessary IDs


Dear Sir,
When I want go to Facebook log in page on my Chrome browser, the log in window displays a pull down menu of 3 other IDs of persons who have logged in earlier from my PC.  I am not able to delete those three IDs.  How do I do that?  Right clicking mouse on each of the IDs was of no help.

You can delete all logins you saved on Chrome.
Go to the three lines on your browser which are on the top right of the page
Hit settings
Go to advanced settings
Go to passwords
click Manage passwords
There you will see a list of logins saved on your chrome browswer - look for the link to facebook with the logins you want to delete - click the x on the far right ( you will see delete this) Once deleted it will not pop up again when logging into Facebook.  

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