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My company is one of four companies that were award a USACE Janitorial MATOC.   I have discovered through some research that two of the other companies share one of the same owners.  The owner in question is 49% owner in one of the companies and 24.5% owner of one of the other companies.  We are still required to bid on Task orders as they become available, it seems to me that shared ownership between selected contractors would not be permitted.  Where can I find this in the FAR or some other document.

Hi Eric,

This can possibly be a complex issue, off the top, unless one of the companies has claimed a status requiring 51% or greater ownership in award or set aside considerations, there may not be any issue involved.

While I cannot provide a legal opinion, you may want to start by querying the contracting officer to determine if there is any basis that can impact any contract stipulations or clauses that are specific to ownership.

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Gerry Caskey  

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