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My daughter is getting married at the age of 17. her wedding is going to be in june. i had a few questions to ask. i was wondering if she would still get her social security when she gets married? will she get to keep her lump sum? her fiancé also receives social security and so do i. i am on disability. i really need to know if her benefits will keep coming or if they will stop. thank you

The benefits of a 17 year old receiving a child benefit will stop if she marries,.


The child marries, with these exceptions:
Entitlement does not end if the child is a child disability beneficiary ( CDB ) and the marriage is to a Social Security beneficiary other than:
a child beneficiary under age 18, or
a child beneficiary age 18 or 19 entitled because he or she is a full-time student.
An individual receiving Supplemental Security Income benefits only is not included in the definition of a “Social Security beneficiary.”
Although a putative marriage in Louisiana terminates a child's entitlement, a putative marriage in any other state that recognizes such marriages does not. Under the laws of some states, a party to a void marriage may acquire inheritance rights as a spouse. This relationship is a putative marriage. The essential basis of a putative marriage is a good faith belief in the existence of a valid marriage at its inception and a continuous good faith belief (in a life case) or good faith until the worker dies (in a death case). (For information on putative marriages, see GN 00305.085.)
NOTE: For instructions about same-sex marriage, see GN 00210.100.
NOTE: Benefits to a CDB no longer terminate because the benefits of his or her spouse who is a CDB or disability beneficiary terminate. A female CDB whose benefits terminate in or after July 1969 because her husband's CDB benefits terminated for a reason other than death may have her benefits reinstated.

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