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QUESTION: Hello Darlene,
I am currently recieving ssi and there are rules & regulations that i must follow as to what i need to report to ssa like my nephew & his son moves in & out at times when they can't make it on their own so they move back home they just moved back with us. Currently we have 3 adults including me but now that my nephew & his son is back with us makes 4 adult & 1 child and so my question is by reporting these changes what does this mean? Will it effect my monthly payments? B/c this does not pertain to them its only me that is disabled. However ssa says i need to report the changes as i do report all the necessary changes to ssa. Just trying to understand b/c it can get confusing at times. Thank u so much for your time & hope to hear from u soon!



It is difficult to answer your question without more information about your household.  If you are renting and the lease is in your name, people moving in and out should not change your benefit amount unless they give you money.  Hope this helps.


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QUESTION: Thank u so much for responding DARLENE i also have another question i would like to ask u this coming APRIL will be 1 yr. since i've been recieving SSI BENEFITS due to my debilitating MDD (MAJOR DEPRESSIVE DISORDER) i am 52 years old & my condition goes from good days to bad days i'm currently on MEDS & even with MEDS my ANXIETY & PANIC ATTACKS comes & goes i am currently seeing my PSYCHIATRIST & my THERAPIST who is helping me alot & my biggest fear is having my benefits stopped i'm worried about filling out my CDR form as this will be my first time filling it out. I live in HAWAII so i don't know what forms will be coming to me in APRIL. I'm just hoping that it won't be difficult to fill out as i do have a hard time understanding how to fill out any paperwork that is given to me. & yes i am renting this is our home & i'm currently paying my mother rent but i don't understand what a lease is. Thank u very much in trying to give me as much information like u did i am very much thankful for all your help. Again thank u and hope to hear from u soon! HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY.

Much Regards,
Lila Ann


A lease is a rental agreement.  If you are renting from a relative that could effect your monthly SSI benefit if they are not charging you the same as they would a non-relative.  Make sure Social Security has all the correct information about your situation because you do not want to receive benefits that would need to be repaid to Social Security.


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