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Hi Darlene, its nice to meet you. My name is Joyce. I will be 56 this summer.My husband,66 this summer, and daughter, age 30 in April, are both disabled and get SSDI. I am a stay at home mom. I haven't worked outside the home in about 6 yrs.

I have ankle problems. They dont' hurt. I just have problems keeepg them straight. I remember going ice skating as a kid and it was a lot of WORK to keep from bending my ankles. So now as an adult, I often wear out my sneakers before they are even 6 months old.

I recently had a bright idea! If I applied for Social Security, I could get Medicare and they would pay for some good shoes! My husband and daughter both get shoes, that's how I got the idea.
The money isn't the issue since I can only get some $300 a month.

Here's the problem. I'm very nervous and anxious. ( I get that way sometimes. Its an anxiety disorder) The reason is I'm not sure if I can get Social Security. Am I too young? Will they scold me? Give me a hard time? Can I even get it if I do apply?

Thanks for your help,

Hi Joyce,

Since you have not been working, you probably will not meet the work requirement for disability.  They have the SSI disability program for those who have not worked and become disabled but your  husband's Social Security income may be too high for you to qualify since it is a needs based program.  When you are age 62, you can file for a spouse benefit.  You will not have Medicare until age 65.  Even if approved for Social Security disability, Medicare does not begin for two years.


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