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my son has been collecting benifets from social security.  as his 18th birthday came near my sons father was sent a letter to return the saved/kept moeny he had of my sons back to the social secuirity department.  my sons father sent it back in november of 2013.  we have contacted the social security department every month starting in january and have been told the same thing every month, "the check is in his file and there is nothing holding it back to be deposited into his account.  you will be getting a letter from us with in the next 10 days" and we have yet to recieve any information concerning my sons money. how long should i wait? and who should i call to find out whats holding things up?

I wish you would have contacted me before you returned the money.  However, now that you have already done that you are at their mercy.  They move at a snail's pace.  It should never take more than 90 days tops.

The squeeky wheel gets the oil so I would make a personal visit to your local SS office and ask to speak with an Operations Supervisor or Assistant Manger or District Manager.  They can do a manager to manager call to the payment center to try and get the payment they owe back to your son processed a little faster. You could ask them to show you the PCACS which is a record showing what the payment center has in their system to be worked.  If it is not there the payment center does not know the action to issue the check is needed and your local office needs to send them a request to issue the money that you so promptly returned at their request.

Short of that there is not much you can do but wait.  

Good Luck

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