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My retirement age for Social Security is 66 years and two months.  Why not just at age 66?  Why are the two months added?

I thank you for your reply.

ANSWER: Anyone born 1/2/1955 thru 1/1/56, must be age 66 plus 2 months to be full retirement age. The full retirement age increases each year by 2 months until it reaches age 67.  

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I want to thank you for the reply.

Do you know WHY these two months were added to age 66?

What is the purpose?

I thank you for your follow-up question.

ANSWER: It was Congress's way of increasing the full retirement age incrementally instead of all at once from  66 to 67.
So it increases for 2 months each year. They did it the same way when it changed from 65 to 66.

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I want to thank you for your reply. I have just one more question.  If someone works beyond the 66 years and 2 months is there a penalty of any kind? If he worked until 66 years and 4 months what would occur?

I thank you for your reply.

If you work beyond your full retirement age, your benefit amount increases.  You earn a delayed retirement credit of 2/3 of 1% for each month you delay receiving your retirement benefit beyond your full retirement age.  The maximum increase is received when benefits are delayed until age 70.  

You may be able to receive a spouse benefit while delaying your own retirement benefit if you have a spouse that will be receiving benefits or you may receive a widow(er)s benefit if your spouse is deceased.  You may benefit from a retirement analysis so that you know about your choices and can make an informed filing decision based on your circumstances.  

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