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Hello, our request for reconsideration for my son's SSI claim was denied. Now I am getting ready to fill out a request for hearing. We really don't have any new medical records to submit, would judge be reviewing all medical records we've submitted from the beginning? Thanks.

That is a shame, I am sorry to hear that.  The ALJ will receive the entire file.  The file will be prepared by his office staff and all evidence will be labeled as exhibits.  You can request that they send you a copy of all exhibits before the hearing so that you know what they are using to make the determination.  You can also add to it if something is missing.

I would suggest that you consult with an attorney about his case.  You can request the hearing and then consult with an attorney.  It usually takes a year or more to get a hearing, but this can very from region to region.  They are beginning to do video hearings so that an ALJ in another region can hear cases to help with their backlogs.

Keep me posted.

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