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I am 32 years old and I have a rep payee through an organization. I live in Bethlehem, PA, and my local SSA Office is at 555 Main St in Bethlehem, PA. I had my PCP doctor complete and fill out the SSA-787 form and I took it to my local SSA Office and told them I would like to apply to be my own Rep Payee and I gave them the form and showed them my ID and they said the application is all they needed and they would process it and change the Rep Payee and once done I will receive a letter but I did not think to ask them how long will this take. I done this at the local SSA Office on Wednesday the 26th. So, how long will this take?

The second thing is the Rep Payee I have now currently have direct deposit setup and once I become my own Rep Payee, than 1.) do they send me paper checks until I setup direct deposit with my own bank account? And 2.) how do I setup direct deposit?

Thank you for any help!

To become your own payee, you need to file an application to be your own representative payee.  I am not sure from your information if they actually took an application or if they just accepted your form SSA-787 from the doctor.   The SSA-787 is not the application.

If you filed an application in November it should be changed in time for your January payment.  It is difficult to say because it depends on when they process the application.  They need to contact the current payee to determine if they have any conserved funds that need to be returned.  

If your doctor indicates that you are capable, they should make the change.  They will not send paper checks.  You may need to apply for a debit card for Social Security benefits until you can establish a bank account.  They should have done this when you filed the application or they will not be able to send your benefits.  

GN 02402.004 “Go Direct” Campaign

A. Introduction

In 2005, the Department of the Treasury (Treasury) and the Federal Reserve Bank (FRB) began a campaign named “Go Direct®” to increase direct deposit for U.S. Government payments. The Social Security Administration supports this effort.
Effective May 1, 2011, Treasury requires that all individuals filing for Title II and Title XVI benefits MUST select either the direct deposit option or the Direct Express® debit card option during the interview process for Social Security benefit payments. When discussing direct deposit during initial claims interview refer to GN 02402.005C.
Treasury and FRB work with partners to assist beneficiaries in receiving their benefits directly into their accounts at financial institutions. Some of these partners are banks, credit unions, social service agencies, community-based groups, and other organizations that are familiar to the beneficiaries.
Treasury’s primary method for promoting Go Direct® is to enclose inserts when mailing checks to the beneficiaries. However, the Go Direct® message reaches beneficiaries in various ways, including letters, rallies, media outreach, and websites in English and Spanish.

You can visit these websites at www.GoDirect®.org or or call Go Direct® at 1-800-333-1795.

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