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QUESTION: Hi, I haven't to long had LASIK on my eyes done and has been off of work for 3 months due to suffering from DLK. The doctor has no knowing of when he'd release me back to work. My finance is very low and is struggling. I am getting sick pay but is very low income. Is it any way that I am elgitable for a claim for disibility?

ANSWER: The condition must be expected to last one year.

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QUESTION: What if the doctor does not have a estimate on how long it last and just keeps telling me that time will vary and to keep faith until it resolves. I have already been off for 3 months...That's depressing and is wrecking my mind seeing my kids and wife barely eating.


I am sorry and wish I had better news.  Social Security pays disability benefits after a five more month waiting period (no work for five months)  if the condition expects to last 12 month or longer.  If you file an application and the doctor does not know how long it will last, the claim is likely to be denied until they can tell if the condition will last for at least 12 months.

They also have a disability program called Supplemental Security Income that is paid if a person has little or no income during the waiting period.   The medical requirements are the same, the condition must be expected to last for at least 12 months.  


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