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If you can't answer this, I'll understand, but I saw no other experts close to this subject and I saw in a previous reply to someone you talked about the U.S. mail.

I live in Colorado and someone in Texas mailed me a holiday card with $50 cash inside. Not smart to do and I never received it. I know there's no way to track it, but just wondered...if someone with the post office took it, was it more likely done in Texas or here in Colorado, or just as likely on either end? I'd hate to think my mailman opened my mail and stole it.

If you know of an expert here who has more knowledge of this, please let me know...thanks!

I send cash in the mail all the time, but I use a priority envelope and get a tracking number.  I worked at the Post Office for about three years a long time ago.  The mail passes through many hands.  It is also possible that it was chewed up in one of their machines.  They had a unit where I worked that tried to put together all of the chewed and undeliverable mail.  The employees tried to put it back together, and if they did and if they knew where it needed to go, they would put in a plastic package and mail to the recipient.  Sometimes it was so damaged there was no way to do that.  I would think that this is what happened before I would think that someone took it.  Can you imagine how many cards or pieces of mail they would need to go through just looking for one that had money in it?   I think it would be unlikely that an employee could do that without being caught.  

Sorry this happened and I wish I could be more helpful.  

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