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I have been told more than one thing on more than one occasion regarding my question and am looking for the correct answer.

I am a working disabled person in the state of Iowa. I receive SSDI Payments but my case is ALSO Marked as SSI (as I am working) it could switch back to SSI should I quit working. I was told it is marked as SSI so I can continue to be eligible for Medicaid, but I am receiving SSDI.

I am going to be getting Married soon and it is my understanding that SSI typically ceases once Married. Will this effect me as far as my Payments? I was told I could lose my Medicaid but no one seems sure about my SSDI payments, with also the label of SSI. I don't understand this 'label' of SSI and if it would effect what is actually SSDI.  I'm afraid this label will not only effect my Medicaid, but also my disability payments.

If you receive a Supplemental Security Income (SSI) disability payment in addition to your Social Security disability payment, the SSI payment could be stopped if you marry and your spouse has countable income that puts you over the limit.  Your Social Security disability payment will not stop.  SSI payments are paid on the first day of the month.  Social Security disability benefits are paid on the 3rd of the month or can be paid on a Wednesday.  

It is possible for a person to be eligible for both, not be paid Social Security disability benefits due to work suspense, but still be paid SSI disability.  Without knowing exactly what you are receiving, I cannot be sure.  

SSI is based on need so income and resources count.  SSDI is not needs based.  While work can affect either benefit, the SSDI is not affected by income from a spouse.  

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