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US Government Information/If still working past age of 66, can I collect ex-spouse social security?


If I plan to work well past my 66th birthday, would I be able to collect my ex-spouses social security?  We were married well over 10 years and to the best of my knowledge, he is using my eligible monthly SS amount to collect his check.  He has done this since he was 62, 4 years age.

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Yes, if he has worked and earned enough SS credits, at your full retirement age, you can file for a 50% spouse benefit from his work record while you delay filing for your own retirement benefit so that it will continue to grow.  At full retirement age, your wages do not affect your ability to receive benefits.  You will want to file 3 months before you reach age 66.  You will file an application and restrict the benefits to the spouse benefit payable from your husband's record.  You will want to make sure that you put a statement in the remarks of the application that you do not want to file for retirement benefits.  It will be necessary for you to file an application for retirement benefits at the time you want that benefit to begin.  Your retirement benefit will continue to grow until age 70 when you will have earned all 48 delayed retirement credits; increasing your retirement benefit by 32%.

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