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I received a overpayment notice in the mail a few days ago which stated that I owe ssi....$18,000.

SSI was my only source of income until I was cut off in february.

Besides the food stamps that I currently receive,   I am broke.

I went to every appeal and hearing.    It's just hard to find good therapists that deal with my bipolar disorder in my area and that's why i seldomly ever went to a psychiatrist.

I can't afford to pay $10 right now much less $18,000.

I want to know what I'm supposed to say on my ssi waiver to make this go away.      

I'm getting really scared because I don't want to go jail because I can't pay and I'm afraid that's exactly what's gonna happen.

Since I do not have information about what caused the overpayment, it is not possible for me to help with the waiver.  The biggest part of the waiver is showing why you are not at fault in causing the overpayment.  If you cannot show why you are not at fault, you will be required to make refund of the overpayment based on what you can afford.  $5 is the least you can pay.  If you do not make regular payments, they can garnish wages, withhold tax refunds and report the delinquent debt to the credit bureau.  

They will not put you in jail because you own them money.  

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