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Hi I am not sure exactly what I have I think I get ssdi benefits. I suffer from ocd and social anxiety disorder (with depression). And its hard for me to do daily things. I have medicare/medicaid.I am thinkiing about maybe trying to see if I could look for a little part time work and see if I could manage alittle part time(very little probably)work.
Would that mess with my benefits? Medical and the income from ssa?

If you receive Supplemental Security Income, any income can effect the amount of your monthly benefit.  If you receive Social Security Disability, you do have a trial work period that helps you to see if you can work.  The trial work period is 9-months and during that period, your benefits are not effected.  After the nine-months is up, Social Security evaluates your work and determines if it is substantial.  If it is, your benefits are suspended. Social Security's Red Book will tell you everything that you need to know about returning to work.

The best advice that I can give you is to talk with the people at Social Security and get what they tell you in writing.  They give a lot of misinformation in this area and if you have it in writing, that will help if something goes wrong.  Good luck to you.  

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