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QUESTION: Hello, I've applied for SSI for my 25 year old son who has disability and never worked. I've started by filling the application online and then we had an appointment to complete his application in the SSA office 3 weeks ago. Today we've received the letter saying that his Social Security Disability claim was denied because he didn't work even though we didn't apply for the disability. Could this be a mistake? Should we re-apply again? We appreciate any insight. Thank you!

ANSWER: Social Security has a policy in place and if you apply for T16 SSI disability they must also take an application for T2 disability.  You do not need to be concerned. They should have given you a receipt showing that you filed for both programs. The SSI claim should have been sent to the state disability office to work on the medical decision for the SSI. You should receive forms from them to complete within 30 to 45 days.

The reason they do this is because they had cases when people filed for SSI and could have received T2 disability had the employee taken the claim. There were so many people missed that they assigned the cases to a special group of employees. The cases became very complicated because in most cases they paid people back pay for 20 or 30 years.

Now they require employees to always take an application for both programs.  But it confuses people when they get the denial letter. Many times they do not realize that they filed for both programs.

Hope this helps and good luck with your sons SSI claim. Hope it goes well.


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QUESTION: Hello Darlene. Just like you said we've received the forms to feel out. They gave us only 10 days from the day on the form, so we have only 5-6 days left. We've received 2 packages: one is for me (third party) to feel out and one is for my son. I don't have any issues to fill out the forms right away, but with my son's OCD/anxiety/panic symptoms I don't know when he might be up for it. Is it required for the disabled person to fill out the form by himself? Thanks!

I would sit down with him and ask him the questions and write in his answers.   If he will not do that, you can call the medical examiner and request that they give you more time to complete the form due to your son's condition.  They will grant more time.


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