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Hello, we are in process of applying for SSI for my 25-year old son due to his severe OCD and anxiety/panic disorder along with his other health problems (he also has a blood disorder). My son has been treated for the last 12 years in the different hospitals and by the number of doctors. We've provided the list of the hospitals, doctors, therapists, medications along with the medical records from some places during the application process. Today we received the letter from the Disability Determination Bureau saying that the provided information is not sufficient to assess my son's condition and that the Mental Exam has been scheduled for him. I am not sure what to make of it, should we ask for the medical records from all places ourselves? Also is it ok to reschedule this exam? It's too early in the morning and it's very hard to get my son out of the house in the morning  when he has all his rituals and also needs to take his meds. Would they let us be with him during this exam? We really appreciate your feedback.  Thank you!

I suggest that you contact the medical examiner about rescheduling the appointment and at the same time verify what medical records have been obtained by DDS.  If they do not have something that you think is material, you may want to contact the medical source and encourage them to submit the records promptly.  Or, you can request the records and fax them to DDS using the special cover sheet they will provide.  This faxes the material directly into your sons paperless file at DDS.   Your son should be available to be part of all telephone conversations, because they will not discuss his case if he is a competent adult.  

It is not unusual for doctors and other medical sources to not respond to the request for records by DDS.  It is also not usual for DDS to want a medical exam even if they have received information from the sources you provided.  In any case, it is important that your son go to a medical exam if DDS has ordered one.  His failure to comply will result in a denial of his disability claim.

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