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Hello Darlene, unfortunately Matt Brownfield doesn't handle Indiana cases and Stephen Olden hasn't returned my call yet. If we live in Indiana, would we have to have a representative from Indiana? And do you by chance know any good SSI attorneys from Indiana? Thank you!

I do not have any contacts in Indiana.   Perhaps Mr. Olden will call you and if he cannot practice in IN he could make a recommendation.  I have a colleague in OHIO that is a non-attorney representative, if you would like to contact him.  Denny Heywood he can be reached at $513-235-8036.
My colleague does not do hearings, but he will do initial claims and reconsideration appeals.

Just be sure to submit the form SSA-561 for the reconsideration timely even if you have not found a representative. Provide any missing evidence not in his file that you think should be in his file and show that his condition has worsened since the claim was first filed so that they do not automatically deny the appeal without any development.  If denied, a hearing will need to be requested.


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