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Hello, I've submitted my son's SSI claim for reconsideration after his claim was denied. He is 25. Now we again received the Functional Report (SSA 3373-BK) to fill out even though we both filled these forms before. Do we need to fill it out again or we can just use copies of our prior reports? I also received another form to fill out that's specific to a child (there are questions like 'can your child play with others?'). Did we get this form my mistake? Thank you!

They work like robots, instead of humans.  I would not send copies of what you previously submitted.  You want to show something different and worse than as it was shown on the previous form.  If there are no changes since he filed his initial claim, they will quickly deny the appeal.  

I think the other form was sent in error.  I would suggest that you call the medical examiner to find out if they sent it in error or if they need it completed.  I would think the form should only be used when making a medical decision for a person younger than age 18.  


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