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Hello.  I  will be 62 the first part of next year.  I am thinking that I should apply for social security  due to a health condition (cancer).  My husband already receives social security.  What would be your suggestions and how far in advance do I need to apply? (I assume I would need to visit the local social security office to apply)  Thanks  so much for your time and help!

Sorry to hear about your illness.  If you think your condition will result in a premature life expectancy, you may want to consider filing sooner rather than later.  I assume that your full retirement age benefit is less than the amount your husband receives from his own work record and he could not receive a higher survivor benefit from your work record.  If this is not the case, filing for reduced retirement benefits does reduce his survivor benefit.  

Social Security prefers that a person file online.  If you have worked five of the last 10 years and are now disabled to work, you could also file for disability benefits.  If you file for both retirement and disability benefits, the reduced retirement benefit is paid while you are waiting for the disability benefit to begin.  The disability benefit will be higher than the retirement benefit.

If you do not want to file online, I suggest that you call Social Security at 1-800-772-1213 to make an appointment to file for benefits.  You can file by telephone on the appointment day or in-person.  You will let them know what you prefer when you make your appointment.

Social Security will not pay a retirement benefit for any month before the month you file.  If you are already age 62, you will want to get started if you plan to file for reduce retirement benefits.  

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